" I went to Dr. Mandelberg for a routine eye exam. The testing showed that I have dry eyes, which explains why my eyes were red most of the time, causing me to use eye drops several times a day, for lubrication and to "get the red out"! Upon awakening each morning, it was difficult to even open my eyes. Dr. Mandelberg explained that he could insert plugs into my lower tear ducts to allow more of my tears to remain in the eyes. I was so surprised to learn he could do it right then and there. I trust Dr. Mandelberg, and agreed immediately. Within a few minutes the painless procedure was done! That same day I noticed dramatic improvement, and it has been about a month since they were placed....my eyes are never red and I can go without eye drops all day, EVEN FIRST THING IN THE MORNING! It's life-changing!! I'm very happy! Thank you, Dr. Mandelberg!!"
"Dr Mandelberg examined me and offered some samples of a drug and also wrote a prescription for some drops. He was thorough and sincere. I will be back for my routine exam for contacts and glasses! Thanks so much!"
"Dr. Mandelberg has been professional, skilled, charming, kind, witty, easy-going and engaging. I think what I appreciate most, aside from his skill, is how you have his full attention during your appt, all your questions are answered, and you know exactly what he has done and what he will be doing to improve your sight."
"Love Dr. Mandelberg! I had cataract surgery with him and my life is changed for the much better. No pain, no hassle, he was always there to answer questions. He has a great bed side manner. He makes me calm and positive. His surgery nurses said I was in the hands of the best and I was."
"Dr. Mandleberg's exam was thorough and he immediately knew what the problem was. He was obviously very experienced and efficient."